Our Open Source Projects


Bump is a ruby based command line utility than creates and manages semver.org based program versions using version.json. It allows packages to be versioned in a way that the version number is an actual artifact of the software release.



DomainPatterns is a core library (currently specific to the Laravel framework) that maps out patterns useful for Domain Driven Design.

PHP, Laravel


Neuron is a core php library that contains many patterns useful for writing programs in including Application, Criteria, Observer, Registry, StringData, Singleton, validators for over 20 data types and a powerful Logger.



Notion is a micro-framework in the same vein as Python's Flask or Ruby's Sinatra. It allows for quickly building applications and APIs by mapping closures to routes. 


Response Builder

Response Builder is a package designed to simplify the creation of JSON based responses and aid in the creation web services.

PHP, Laravel

User Substitution

A laravel package that facilitates an admin logging in so they can act as another user.

An example story:

As an admin I want to be able to easily login as another user on the system so I can experience the system as them and diagnose any issues they may be experiencing.